To Join Follow these Directions.

Each Email Group Member must have a valid Yahoo ID
Your yahoo user ID can be linked to a non-yahoo email address if you want.

To create Yahoo ID

go here

Create the yahoo ID that you want here. You need to create a yahoo email account 
as part of the user ID but you can use whatever email you want for the GCFF Email Group.

Once you've created the yahoo user ID
you can join the GCFF Email Group using your yahoo email address by sending an email requesting to join to

Or go here to associate a different email address with your new Yahoo User ID
​in the upper right hand corner you'll see an icon that looks like a person
When you put your mouse over this a pull down menu appears. 
Choose account info
At the bottom of that page click "manage aliases"
under "identities' add the email you want to use for the GCFF Email List
Go to the email account you just entered. You should have an email from Yahoo asking you to verify your new alternate email address. Follow the link in this email. you'll be asked to sign in to Yahoo again.
Verify the new address.

Setting your Yahoo User Group Email Preferences

There are 4 choices in regards to how you receive postings from the group.
1. Individual Emails- you'll receive postings as they are sent. This is the default choice
2. "Daily Digest" - each days emails are held till the next day and arrive to the recipient as a single batch email. 
The single (batch) email usually arrives in the morning.
This is a good choice if you dont want emails during the day but want to view them in the morning.
3. NO emails - postings are not delivered to you but you can still go online when you want to and look at the postings. Since you are a list member you may also reply to existing topics or post new ones
4. Special Notices. This appears to allow only specially marked postings to be delivered. Most people don't use this setting much.

To view or change your current setting go to:

On the left left hand column you'll see “manage my groups”  click on that.

The 4th column of the next page toggles between the 4 choices

Individual Emails

No emails

Daily Digest

Special notices

the default is individual emails. Change to daily digest or no emails here.
updated may 16  2016

other yahoo places pertaining to user ID's

After making sure you have a Yahoo ID
send an email requesting to join to

Within a day or 2 you'll receive an email from yahoo groups Invitation with a link asking you to join gcflyfishers group.
Make sure you are currently signed in to yahoo 
then click on the link. You'll be asked to decipher a captcha code (anti-robot code)
That's it!  you're on the email list